Life takes us on strange journeys, and just when you think things are clearly defined and you are moving in one direction, life takes a sharp, 90 degree turn. You just hope to have your seat belt on when that happens.

While I can’t say that I’m still a part of the Chicago craft beer scene, I still fancy myself a part of the Illinois craft beer scene, with life forcing me to focus more on brews outside of the greater Chicago area. 

But a different zip code doesn’t change my love and appreciation for the art of craft beers, ciders and distilled liquors. However, since this site was launched, I can state with absolutely certainty that I’ve grown up a bit.

While I still bring my wide-eyed, three-year-old-on-Christmas-morning approach to beers and beer tasting, and I still geek out like the best of them when it comes to talking about this art form, I have a much greater appreciation for what it is I’m drinking and the men and women who put so much into the drink in my hand. So thank you to those who have done so much to put craft beer where it is today. Think about how far the industry has come in just the last five years, it’s amazing. I hope you find this site to be an homage to your work and what you do every day and maybe it’ll inspire more people to follow in your footsteps, take a risk and brew something incredible.

Twitter: @flachofgeese