ryanWhat started out as a general desire to tell people what beer we were drinking has morphed into a labor of love — one part cellaring experiments, one part news coverage and one part advocacy and event planning/marketing.

My role here at GuysDrinkingBeer runs the gamut. Sometimes I act as the editor, fact-checking posts and ensuring the content fits with our overall goals, and sometimes I’m the one being edited. Other times I’m the content manager, piecing together narratives and photos from our writers. I also serve as the primary manager of our Facebook community and our Instagram page.

I’ll be the first to admit that some of our material — like much of the coverage of the City Beverage case before the Illinois Liquor Control Commission — is geared towards a niche audience. But in reality, it’s cases like that and others that could follow that may very well shape the beer industry moving forward.

Much of what we cover here, particularly our foray into beverage industry politics, falls within my wheelhouse of broadcast journalism. I’ve spent the last 15 years in radio news, including a stint covering statehouse politics in Springfield. I lean on relationships forged there to provide a unique perspective on beer industry related laws and legislation.

My goal for GuysDrinkingBeer is for the site to be a go-to for beverage industry issues and legislation.

Email: ryan@guysdrinkingbeer.com