ANNOUNCING: The “Beer 3up” New Brewers Showcase at Emporium, Now With Extra GDB

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Missed out on DLD tickets but still want to drink beer on April 25? We’ve got you covered at Beer 3up.

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So maybe you didn’t get Dark Lord Day tickets this year, or maybe you didn’t want them in the first place, or maybe you don’t want to drive to Indiana to drink in a parking lot, or maybe you’ve had a Dark Lord or two and are over the hype.

And maybe, instead of going out of state for a single style of beer from a longtime well-known brewery, you want to head to the city for a bunch of different beers from a bunch of different new local breweries.

Well, have we got the event for you.

We’re proud to announce our participation in this year’s Beer 3up at Emporium Arcade Bar in Wicker Park, along with our friend Tasha of Metacookbook. Jeremy and Eric, who helped organized the first two events were unable to participate for this year, so hopefully we can do justice to what they and Tasha have gotten started.

Date: April 25 (aka Dark Lord Day)

Time: Noon to about 4ish, or whatevs

Where: Emporium Arcade Bar in Wicker Park, at 1366 N. Milwaukee

Breweries currently scheduled to attend:

  • Alarmist Brewing, pouring Pantsless
  • Aquanaut Brewing Company, pouring their new Moonray Porter
  • Marz, bringing Bridgporter and the Machine APA
  • Moody Tongue and their Churro Porter
  • Middle Brow, pouring Summer in Pain Belgian Pale
  • Pollyanna (beer TBD)
  • Motor Row (beer TBD)
  • Noon Whistle (beer TBD)
  • South Loop Brewing Company and their Good Ryes Wear Black

You can find coverage of previous events here and here and here and here. We’re trying to keep it to pretty much the same: Pinball tournaments, nice fresh beer, brewery chit-chat, and more to be announced in the coming couple of weeks!

No tickets. No lines. No parking lots. Just show up and drink beer. Simple as that. We’ll see you there.

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