Beer Politics: “3 Floyds Amendment” Passes Indiana Senate & House

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House Bill 1054, which includes the “3 Floyds Amendment” passes¬†out of the Indiana House this week and is on its way to the governor’s desk for signature.

The bill received 81 “yeas” and a mere 7 “nays” on March 5th. The measure passed the Senate on a similar vote two weeks prior with 43 “yeas” and 7 “nays.”

Both the House Speaker and President Pro Tempore have since signed off on it.

The bill, which we first wrote about here, makes some changes to the barrel limit that determines who is a “small brewer” in Indiana.

Currently the limit is 30,000 barrels per calendar year. That limit isn’t changing. But what is changing is the stipulation that beer brewed for consumption outside of the state of Indiana doesn’t count towards that 30,000 barrel cap.

The change allows the likes of 3 Floyds, Sun King and Upland to continue to receive the perks that go along with being a small brewer in the Hoosier state. Those perks include tax breaks, self-distribution rights and on-site sale privileges.

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