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A bill gaining traction in the Michigan legislature would allow hotels to sell beer and wine to go. Currently, a hotel can only sell spirits for off-premise consumption.

The measure, House Bill 5084, was amended and passed out of the Regulatory Reform Committee on February 29th. It is currently on second reading in the Michigan House.

State Representative Ken Horn (R-Frankenmuth) is the primary sponsor.

Here’s the gist of the bill, according to analysis by the House Fiscal Agency:

“Currently, Section 229 of the Liquor Control Code allows the Liquor Control Commission to license a hotel, in places the commission designates, to sell spirits for off premises consumption. House Bill 5084 (H-2) would create a new hotel beer and wine license to also allow the licensing of hotels, in places the commission designates, to sell beer and wine at retail for off-premises consumption.”

The license fee would be $100 a year.

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission and the Michigan Lodging and Tourism Association support the bill. The Michigan Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus “supports the concept” of the bill. And the Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association is neutral on the bill as is the Michigan Restaurant Association.

As for us – well – we’re big fans of just about everything brewed, distilled and vinified in the state of Michigan so we’re all for it. Plus, it’s good to see beer and wine gain some equal footing with booze here, especially considering how big Michigan’s breweries and wineries play in to the state’s tourism.

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