2013 Goose Island Bourbon County Stout - Skip the line and wait!

Black Friday BCBS: Don’t Be These Guys

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We’re glad people get excited about beer, but come on. Beer isn’t a concert ticket. Don’t buy it and turn it around and scalp the stuff.

This drives us nuts every year.  Don’t be these guys, please.

(We hope we’re not adding to the problem by adding attention to it, but if I was out in the cold since 8pm last night to get this stuff and someone in line with me was hawking it for triple digits, I might be a little upset.)
2013 Goose Island Bourbon County Stout - Skip the line and wait! Bourbon County Stout Proprietor's Blend

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  1. tom brickler

    Great point Karl! I don’t believe any home brewers and craft beer lovers could have ever envisioned a time when guys would stand in line,up to 600 people at Binny’s to get a 4 pack of beer! To then turn around and post it for sale to the highest bidder or some ridiculous price is absolutely absurd.
    Furthermore,these agreements with massive box stores like Binnys,will surely put the pinch on local liquor stores that don’t have Dan Akroyd money or Mike Ditka endorsements. I believe there is a word for that type of agreement….oh yes collusion.
    Finally,as craft beer becomes big business that it really never asked for (most brewers are in it for the love of brewing and creating) please purchase your beer at your local liquor store.It seems like the way craft beer was meant to be sold.
    Tom Brickler
    Spirits procurer
    Brick’s Liquor Lane. ” More Neon than Binnys!”
    1546 Rand rd
    Palatine,il 60074

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