Craft Beer Bargain Buy? A Two Brothers Bounty at Costco

Without getting too whiny, some of us Guys are dealing with the effects of Funemployment. Thankfully, we’ve scammed our way into a Costco membership, which might be the Greatest Thing Ever Created By Man Or Beast. Why? Because they might have the best deal ever seen on some excellent craft beers.

This might be old news to everyone else on the planet at this point, I don’t know. But think about it: how much are you used to paying for a six-pack of any selection from the fine people at Two Brothers Brewery? I can go to the corner store right now (and I might) and pick up a 6′er of Domaine Dupage for around $11 or so. And it’s worth it. Cane & Ebel? The amazing red rye brewed with that distinctive Thai Palm sugar? Usually it comes as a 4-pack, and you’re going to pay the same price. Again, it’s worth it.

So while wandering the aisles of Costco last night, picking up a gun safe and an air mattress and a gallon of mayonnaise, I saw this:

It's like Christmas.

It’s like Christmas.

Yes, that’s 24 bottles of pure Two Brothers awesomeness. And now guess how much all this spectacular-ness costs you? Continue reading