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Boulevard The Sixth Glass: it’s really good fresh but it’s even better after a few years in the cellar.

IMAG4897We’ve had a well-established relationship with the Boulevard Smokestack Series, having been wowed in the past by both fresh and aged bottles of the Bourbon Barrel Quad and Rye-On-Rye and a fresh bottle of this very beer, The Sixth Glass. We’ve had some hiccups too, most notably the Saison Brett. But for the most part the Smokestack Series hasn’t disappointed — and a four-year old pour of The Sixth Glass would prove to be no different.

Pouring out a reflective ruby-red in color with a creamy, pillow-y egg white head a four-year old pour of Boulevard The Sixth glass gives off a nose of alcohol, rum soaked raisins and cinnamon. In fact, the aromas remind me a lot of Glögg, a mulled wine made with the likes of red wine, port, brandy, fruit, sugar, cinnamon sticks and cloves — at least that’s how I make it.

A mix of cocoa powder, plums, red cherries, dates and red pepper flake strike the palate creating a blend of rich, sweet and spicy flavors. Surprisingly the nearly five years in the cellar hasn’t made the alcohol back off much. It’s still abrasive with a warming burn hunkering down in your chest, building with each sip.

The best by date on this bottle was 3/13 but clearly it held up well beyond that and could certainly be cellared for even longer.

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