Chicago Area Brewers Supporting Clean Water Campaign, Taking Part In Earth Day Event

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We spend a lot of time talking about malts, and hops, and yeast and pretty much everything else that goes into making a beer, but one thing we don’t spend a lot of time considering is the water that makes up the majority of the brew.

Maybe this is because of the huge body of water directly to our east, maybe it’s because we have come to think of fresh water as a given; something that simply “is.” Sadly, fresh water is not necessarily as much of a “given” as perhaps it should be.

That’s why some brewers from Chicago and the suburbs are joining other brewers from around the Midwest in support of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s (NRDC) “Brewers For Clean Water” campaign, which advocates for tougher pollution rules for wetlands and streams.

The NRDC rounded up nearly two dozen breweries from across the country, including eight from the Chicago area, to support the cause.  The Chicago area breweries include DryHop Brewers, Finch’s, Flossmoor Station, Goose Island, Half Acre, Revolution, Temperance Beer Company and Wild Onion.

We reached out to a few of the folks around town to ask why they’re taking part. DryHop Brewers owner Greg Shuff tells us that the campaign isn’t just about beer.

“By joining the ‘Brewers for Clean Water’ campaign, we’re able to expand the scope of our investment in our mission to improve people’s lives. Now we’re a part of improving people’s drinking water, improving water for farmers and ultimately we can make better craft beer here at DryHop,” said Shuff.

Revolution Brewing’s owner Josh Deth, whose brewery pulls water from the Great Lakes to brew its beer, sees protecting the nation’s waterways a no-brainer. “We joined with NRDC because we care deeply about water quality, in particular the Great Lakes just outside our doorstep,” Deth told us.

Other Midwest breweries include: Arbor Brewing, Arcadia, Brewery Vivant, Cranker’s, Founders, Harmony Brewing Company, Right Brain and Short’s in Michigan and Central Waters and Lakefront in Wisconsin.

You can see more of the breweries stories in support of the campaign HERE.

If you’d like to contribute to the cause (and drink beer simultaneously), Revolution will be among the breweries pouring at an Earth Day event Monday April 22nd at Galleria Marchetti in support of “Brewers for Clean Water.” Tickets are $50 (half of that is tax-deductible) and can be purchased HERE.

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