Coronado Brewing Taps Wirtz For Statewide Launch

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Coronado Brewing is planning a statewide launch in March with Wirtz Beverage to bring its stable of year-round beers and seasonals to Illinois.


Beginning March 2nd, Coronado Brewing will be available across Illinois via Wirtz Beverage. The brewery, best known for its West Coast-style, hop-forward beers, will launch with its core lineup of beers in both six-pack and four-pack bottles, bombers and on draft. Seasonals will soon follow.

Coronado’s year-round beers include Golden, a pilsner, Orange Ave Wit, Islander IPA, Mermaid’s Red, Blue Bridge Coffee Stout and Idiot IPA. A couple of different IPA’s and double IPA’s, along with a saison brewed with jalapeno’s and an imperial pumpkin ale help make up Coronado’s selection of seasonals.

In 2013 Coronado took home its first ever medal from the Great American Beef Festival, netting a silver for its Black Sails IPA. In 2014 it was awarded the Champion Brewery and Brewmaster award at the World Beer Cup.

Coronado Co-founder and President Rick Chapman, in a release, calls the move to enter Illinois a no-brainer. “We have been looking at Chicago for a long time, it is a great city with an appreciation for well made beer,” said Chapman.

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