Mark Your Calendar: Fall Beer Freedom Day 2013 is Coming

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You may have seen me post this to Instagram over the weekend in horror:

Fall Beer Freedom Day 2013 is Coming

Spotted Friday, July 26. We’ve heard reports of pumpkin beers being shipped already as well.

The time has come: We’re setting Fall Beer Freedom Day as Tuesday, September 3rd.

Last year we started #FBFD as a response to beers like Oktoberfest appearing earlier and earlier in the summer. You may recall we tweeted this in a moment of simultaneous frustration and inspiration:

post laborday drinking tweet

Last year we made this call at the end of August. This year, it’s the end of July. Anyone else noticing a slightly disturbing trend?

This year, we continue the tradition. Up through Labor Day, September 2nd, we’ll be drinking wheat ales, APA’s, shandys, ciders, session IPA’s, and everything else that goes well with warmer weather, whatever it may be. This is summer vacation beer drinking, and none of us should be in a huge hurry to see it go.

We love fall beers. We love Oktoberfests, and Altbiers, and Harvest Ales, and we definitely suffer from a little bit of Pumpkinsanity. We love them at the right time, though.

Brewers: We realize that you need to make money on these things, too. We know that’s why you release these early — so people have plenty of time to enjoy before we jump forward once again into barrel-aged Stouts, Brown Ale, Porters and Christmas Ales (all of which we are sure you’re already fermenting at this moment).

That’s why we pledge, as progenitors and members of the #FBFD movement, to drink a hell of a lot of your autumnal beers. But we’re going to drink them at a seasonally appropriate time.

This isn’t a rule. It’s barely even a guideline. It’s a suggestion — but it’s one we make strongly. Join us in celebrating Fall Beer Freedom Day in a few weeks.

The countdown begins.

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