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Goose Island says:

As a part of our chef collaboration series we teamed up with Vie Restaurant to create La Vie D’une Oie (The Life of a Goose). A complex wheat wine with notes of dried fig, prunes, cocoa and cherry.

gooseislandbeerGoose Island La Vie D’une Oi (The Life of a Goose)
Wheat Wine, 9% ABV

I had this cask conditioned wheat wine at Goose Island Clybourn on Wednesday, March 31st.  The very first thing I noticed is this beer is a bit dark for a wheat wine.  I was expecting an orange or copper coloring. Oh, the intrigue.

The aroma, though, definitely fit the appearance.  Maple syrup & cherry’s.  A bit of cocoa too.

At first taste this beer is remarkably smooth with just the right amount of carbonation.  It is sweet – but not overpowering.  Kind of leaves a syrupy coating on your tongue.  As it warms there is almost a cola or cherry cola characteristic to it. But, not necessarily in a bad way.  Also, as it warms, you can start to pick up more of the cocoa and molasses

Goose Island La Vie D’une Oie  is most definitely a sipper and a good one at that.

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