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Half Acre says:

A nod to the hop cone, we amped up this beer with our favorites while backing it up with some malty heft.

hagtHalf Acre Ginger Twin India Red Ale
Red Ale, 6.5% ABV

Andrew: And some malty heft there was! But before I get ahead of myself — the Ginger Twin (poured from a bomber) pours with a very big, thick head and was copper/reddish-brown in color.

I picked up some piney hops in the nose and found the beer to be incredibly smooth and well-balanced.

There was indeed a slight hops flavor, but I found that the hops were outdone by the malt. Seemed like the flavor profile went from malt, to hops, back to malt and finished with a slight bitter aftertaste.

Ryan:  About two fingers of soft, fluffy white head sit atop this copper-colored beer.  A good whiff and you get a nose full of fresh, piney hops.

The taste is a very good mix of sweet caramel malts and citrusy/piney hops.  Ginger Twin is extraordinarily well-balanced.  As Andrew said, you get a bit of malts in the beginning followed by a burst of hops, which fade back into malty goodness.  Somewhere in there you can even catch a bit of lemon zest.   Ginger Twin finishes nice and dry.

The ABV of this beer and the pleasant blend of malts and hops make this an easy drinker.

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