Happy Beer-thday To Us!

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Holy crap, we’re a year old.  How the heck did that happen?

Yes, cats and kittens, it was one year ago today that we welcomed Stone Brewing to Chicago and Chicago welcomed us.  (It was mostly the former, as I think we got something like 6 hits that day.)  Since then we’ve reviewed, cellared and sparged all across the globe culminating in the site you see before you today.  The lion’s share of thanks goes to Ryan, who shoulders the expense of the site as well as much of the beer, and puts in an incredible amount of grunt work getting posts ready while Andrew and I sit around, drink his beer and occasionally write about it.  Say something nice to him, won’t you?

Since it’s our big day, we have just a couple of birthday requests:

  1. First and foremost: Please, if you haven’t done so yet (and even if you have), take a second to check out Save The Craft and make a phone call, send an email, tell a friend, anything.  Evangelize just a little bit.
  2. Check out today’s blogger profile of myself on DrinkWithTheWench, and keep checking the site for profiles of Ryan and Andrew to follow.
  3. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook!  That’s where you get the news on all our posts asap, as well as news and info from the beer world as we see it through our eyes and fingertips.

It’s been a great year, a fantastic learning experience, and phenomenal to meet, discuss and interact with so many of you.  Thanks for your continued attention, and we hope to continue to be worth of your pageviews, clicks and visits.  Cheers, skål, sláinte and prost!

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