Did You Notice? It’s Oberon Season Again

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You mean there’s something going on in town other than Greg Koch making everyone drink his beer?  Actually, yes.

While the city’s beer scene — us included — collectively freaks out about Stone Brewing coming to town, it should be mentioned that Larry Bell is in town and putting his own spin on the April 1st Beer Insanity.  He’ll be at the South Loop Binny’s to officially open this year’s Oberon season as well as pour some Hopslam (!) and Batch 9,000 (!!!) on tap.


If you’re headed to the event, stop across the street at Manny’s Deli for some potato pancakes to soak up some of that high-gravity beer.  Otherwise you run the risk of wobbling out.

Since we didn’t get our ducks in a row quick enough to be one of the lucky few to tilt a pint of Batch 9,000 with Larry, we’ll have to settle for pointing you toward some of the beer coverage that I’ve put up on the Chicagoist site in the past:

That said, we’ll no doubt be at a bar sitting behind a pint of all that is gloriously unfiltered and wheaty soon.  Expect to see plenty of Bells coverage on Guys Drinking Beer in the near future!

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