Black Mass, Good Karma: Drink Beer at Jerry’s in Andersonville And Help Out Tonight

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Normally, drinking causes head pain, not take it away. That’s the aim, though, of tonight’s event at Jerry’s Sandwiches in Andersonville.

Here’s the setup:

In recent weeks, our beloved bartender Shay has been experiencing dizziness and migraines that led him to an MRI machine which revealed a black mass pushing on his brain. He will have undergone brain surgery to address this by the end of July. While Shay luckily has health insurance, the out-of-pocket expenses will likely amount to tens of thousands of dollars before it’s all said and done. We at Jerry’s would like to help ease that burden, and would like to invite the Jerry’s community to do the same.

Nice, huh? In a display of dark humor that we can appreciate, they’ve decided to throw a “Black Mass” of their own. Profits and proceeds go to the aforementioned Shay, and the shindig starts tonight at 7pm.

There’ll be a silent auction, so show up and spend money on more booze that you can drink with extra good karma later. The tap list is damn impressive as well. Super dark, massively heavy beers in the height of summer? We’re onboard:

  • -Founders Imperial Stout
  • -Jolly Pumpkin Madrugada Obscura
  • -Revolution Coffee Eugene
  • -Ballast Point Victory at Sea
  • -Goose Island Baudoinia
  • -North Coast Barrel-Aged XV Old Rasputin
  • -Specially donated keg of Atlas/Begyle IT’S A TRAP!!! Black Abbey Ale

Facebook event info is here. You weren’t doing anything else tonight so consider showing up and drinking away some medical bills for a guy.

What, were you going to sit around and watch the Bachelorette Finale?

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