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The man behind beers like an asparagus ale, a sour barleywine and an ancho chili double chocolate porter is looking for a new venue to unleash his talents.  Two sources, and now Right Brain Brewery, have confirmed that both John Niedermaier – and his assistant – are no longer at the Traverse City, Michigan brewery.  Owner Russ Springsteen has taken over the brewing operations and has also taken on a new assistant.

John had, what appeared to be a  “I don’t give a ****,” attitude towards brewing.  Not in the sense that he didn’t want to brew good beer, but rather a fearless desire to brew off the wall creations.  He pushed the envelope of style guidelines and helped put Right Brain on the map of must-visit breweries in an area that already had heavy hitters Jolly Pumpkin and Short’s.  Right Brain was well known for not having something that most breweries do; a flagship beer.  You never knew what you were going to get on tap when you strolled through the doors and that was the fun of it.

We don’t know the circumstances that led to John’s dismissal and, frankly, we don’t need to.  What we do know is he brewed some amazing creations and his talents would be an asset at any brewery in the country.

Karl recently visited Right Brain, read about his experiences HERE and HERE.  We’ve also reviewed one of John’s creations, a Honey Basil Ale.

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