Karl & Anat Baron Talk “Beer Wars”

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The Chicago Food Film Fest rolled into town about a week ago, and the main Saturday night event was a screening of a movie we presumably all know and enjoy, that being “Beer Wars” by Anat Baron.  Baron came to Chicago for the screening as well as a Q&A after the movie, and found some time after the whole shindig to sit down and talk with me about the film and what’s happened in the last 18 months or so since it was initially released.

You can find the original posts from the Chicagoist Podcast Series here and here, but for your listening ease we’ve linked the direct audio files below.  Take a listen and subscribe to the podcast if enjoyed any of this – thanks again to Anat for the generous use of her time, and thanks to you for listening!

Anat Baron on the 10With Podcast, Part 1:

Anat Baron on the 10With Podcast, Part 2:

BONUS AUDIO with Anat Baron, Final Section:

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