Mark Your Calendars: “Fall Beer Freedom Day” is Coming

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Seems we struck a bit of a nerve yesterday. I’ve been at the tweetyspacing for a long time now (like OMG 2 whole years or something) and rarely have I seen the kind of response to a tweet as I did with this one. So, let’s make it a rule. Right here, right now.

We declare, from this year forth, the day after Labor Day to be Fall Beer Freedom Day. The day when Harvest Ales go hands-on. The day when pumpkin beers become perfectly viable options. The day in September when Oktoberfests are totally cool.

If you’ve had a Pumking this week, it’s cool – sometimes these things can’t be helped. (If Starbucks had released their pumpkin spice latte this week, I would have been in serious trouble.) But henceforth, Fall Beer Freedom is now a thing.

Not only does this set a defining line for the fall beers, it’s a great finish line for the shandys, the Kolsches, the Radlers and the likes of 312, Oberon and the rest of the pantheon of summer beers. Take three final days to enjoy one last dive into all those summer brews. After that, it’s full-on into fall.


(Note: There are no rules in beer. These are just guidelines. Drink what you want. But we’ll be trying to stick to this one.)

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