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ANNOUNCING: The Green Lady and Team Up For a Unique Craft Beer Week Event: “South of 80″

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For months, the respective ladies and gentlemen behind the new craft beer bar The Green Lady and noted Chicago-based beer blog have been working behind the scenes to put together a unique event full of beers from an underappreciated area of the Midwest: Downstate Illinois and the St. Louis area. Now, it can finally be announced: Join us Tuesday, May 22 …

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AB InBev & WEDCO; It’s Too Quiet

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“The well has run dry.” “The state is circling the wagons.” “All is quiet on the western front.” You can use whatever cliché you’d like, but the bottom line is no one – and we mean NO ONE – is talking about the current state of AB InBev’s wholly owned subsidiary WEDCO and its ability to conduct business in the …

Happy Beer-thday To Us! GDB Enters Its Terrible Twos

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The Date:  April 1st, 2012. The Time: 8:30am. The Event: Our very first GuysDrinkingBeer post. Hey, it’s our birthday! Some of you may remember that we turned on the lights here at GuysDrinkingBeer central on the same day Stone Brewing came to town a couple of years ago, and forever shall our Chicago birthdays be intertwined. Since now and then, …

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Beer Politics: “3 Floyds Amendment” Signed In To Law

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In a scurried attempt to play catchup on an intriguing piece of legislation in Michigan last week, we totally missed the fact that Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels signed HB 1054 in to law. That bill, if you recall, includes the “3 Floyds Amendment.” That section of the legislation allows small brewers in Indiana to brew more beer and still be …

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Beer Politics: MI Hotel Beer & Wine Bill Passes House

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The Michigan House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved the hotel beer & wine bill we first told you about a little earlier this week. It passed on a 101-5 vote Thursday. We have also received a little clarification of the bill from Melanie Ellison, who is Representative Ken Horn’s legislative director, and further explanation of what exactly is meant by “off-premise …

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Beer Politics: MI Hotel Beer & Wine Bill

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A bill gaining traction in the Michigan legislature would allow hotels to sell beer and wine to go. Currently, a hotel can only sell spirits for off-premise consumption. The measure, House Bill 5084, was amended and passed out of the Regulatory Reform Committee on February 29th. It is currently on second reading in the Michigan House. State Representative Ken Horn …

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