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No Joke: Happy Birthday to GDB!

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In years to come, we’ll continue to wonder: What in the world made us release this site on April 1st, when we knew full well that the internet is always chock full of stupid pranks, intentionally-bad 24-hour site redesign, and generally unbelieveable content? And then we’ll remember, oh yeah, beers from Stone entered Chicago on that date in 2010, which …

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Cleetus Friedman Takes Over the Kitchen at Fountainhead

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Really, everything you need to know is in the title, but the official press release follows. This is a perfect fit, and while we’ve always enjoyed the frites and monkey bread (and hope at least the latter remains on the menu still) the food always paled in comparison to the great beer here. Today, that changes. You can remind yourself of …

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Eater Chicago and Chicagoist Talk to Rick Bayless About Beer (Among Other Things)

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Chef Rick Bayless is on a press offensive, it seems, with interviews posted on Eater Chicago and Chicagoist today. Eater’s interview today with Chef Bayless covers the River North neighborhood, mislabeled seafood, Sargento and a few other topics, but most notably for our readers is the amount of time they spend discussing Bayless’ plans to create a craft beer with Crown …