Sometimes we create news with advocacy campaigns or events, while other times we provide commentary on the beer industry. Below is a sampling of virtual press clippings on the site, our endeavors and our writers.


In 2011 we launched a grassroots advocacy campaign, “Save The Craft,” in support of a brewers right to self-distribute. Here’s a small sampling of the coverage the months-long, social media-driven campaign received.

The exemption is only a couple years old, but Guys Drinking Beer (which has done excellent reporting this on this issue with their advocacy Save the Craft campaign) makes a good case for the idea that distributors represent a high barrier of entry for small craft brewers, even if the system works for larger craft brewers.

Chicago Magazine, March 31, 2011

Guys Drinking Beer, a Chicago-based blog, has taken up the cause of local craft brewers and is following the news out of Springfield daily. They’ve definitely got a point of view, but for day-to-day analysis, they can’t be beat.

Chicago Loopster, April 22, 2011

Save the Craft posts daily updates on the legislation’s progress and what the law means for consumers. It also gives contact information for state lawmakers and urges constituents to contact their senators and representatives to voice their opinion.

“This is something we need to pay attention to, and obviously that doesn’t happen if everybody stays at home and doesn’t do anything,” Klockars said.

The Columbia Chronicle, March 7, 2011

A team of local beer aficionados called, appropriately, Guys Drinking Beer, is one of the groups lobbying Springfield to adopt a middle path, allowing the little guys to self-distribute while keeping the three-tier system in place for behemoths like InBev.

Huffington Post, February 23, 2011

The advocates behind Save the Craft are very clear about one thing – this is about competition, not subsidy. They simply want consumers to have access to all beers.

Chicagoist, February 23, 2011

southof80We flexed our marketing and event planning muscle beginning in 2012 to create “South of 80: A Celebration of Downstate Brewers.” The event, held at The Green Lady during Chicago Craft Beer Week, served to introduce Chicago craft beer drinkers to brewers from downstate and St. Louis whose beers weren’t previously available in the market.

The South of 80 tap takeover returns as beers made downstate or by St. Louis-area breweries are celebrated, including some not usually seen in this area.

Chicago Tribune, May 16, 2013

Guys Drinking Beer, the blogging team that provides top-notch coverage of Illinois beer legislation and politics, is calling on its downstate connections to put on “South of 80: A Celebration of Downstate Brewers,” a showcase of some of Illinois’ (and St. Louis in the case of Six Row) most under-appreciated yeast wranglers.

Chicagoist, April 28, 2012

“Save the Craft” organizers, Guys Drinking Beer put this event together, and I commend them for taking some downstate beer up to Chicago for the event. Chicago drinkers, this could be a good chance to try quite a lot of stuff you’ve never even heard of before.

AleHeads, May 7, 2012

A follow-up to last year’s South of 80, this meet-and-greet features representatives from five downstate or St. Louis-area breweries, many of which have never been available in Chicago before.

Chicago Reader, May 15, 2013

The Green Lady – just off the Paulina Brown Line stop, not far from Northdown – will be presenting an assortment of beers from downstate IL and St. Louis breweries! That’s right, they’re coming to you!

Stockyard Palate, May 16, 2013

saveur2In 2013 and 2014 we were nominated for a SAVEUR award for Best Wine or Beer Blog. The magazine had this to say about the finalists; “These six blogs illuminate, inform, and—in the very best way—inspire us to drink.”

Updated five or six times a week, Guys Drinking Beer reflects the diverse interests of its three authors and is especially focused on beer legislation and advocating for the craft beer industry.

RedEye Chicago, April 17, 2013

Guys Drinking Beer is one of our go-to sources for local beer news. They have do [sic] tons of original reporting, as well as advocacy for reform in the laws governing brewing and distribution. If you’re looking for a combination of intense tasting notes and geeky beer politics, GDB should be on your feed — and they deserve your vote.

Chicagoist, April 12, 2013


We’ve been at this for a few years and know a thing or two about craft beer and the industry in Chicago. Because of that, from time-to-time, people ask us to weigh on the industry.

Though they’re politically savvy, the Guys Drinking Beer crew also knows about the basics: where to drink, what to drink and the best things to eat with the city’s tastiest beers.

– Huffington Post, “Chicago Craft Beer Week 2011: Local Expert Picks Can’t Miss Events.” May 16, 2011

Our interest in beer being more practical than obsessive, we rely on a number of sites to keep us informed, high among them Guys Drinking Beer.

– Grub Street Chicago, “The Year in Beer is Clearly Bubbling.” December 21, 2012

“When I turned 21 — and slightly before — our options were more limited,” says Karl Klockars, co-creator of the popular website Guys Drinking Beer. Today, however, more and more retailers are likely to offer a seemingly endless flotilla of beers imported from around the world or around the block.

– Northern Indiana Gateways, “Microbreweries: Something Unique is Brewing in Northern Indiana.” July 17, 2013

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