Ravenswood Brewpub Plans Emerging: Meet “Band of Bohemia”

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Some preliminary plans have been filed for the oft-rumored brewpub slated for the space on Ravenswood between Leland and Lawrence, and not the space directly on Lawrence as we initially had assumed. Big ol’ hat tip to @ravenshood with a nod to Center Square Journal for tweeting this morning about these plans (link goes to .pdf), posted to the website of  the Alderman’s office, which show a pretty cool looking spot.

Band of Bohemia Chicago 47When we spoke with Alderman Pawar, he wouldn’t say anything about this project other than “It’s going to be big.” On the surface, this doesn’t appear to be the “major chain brewpub” that was mentioned previously here, but obviously plans do change – and we are definitely liking what we’re seeing.

According to the plans posted on the Alderman’s site, and this Pinterest page, and this scribblemap, and a couple random LinkedIn references, it’s a place called ‘Band of Bohemia.’

Band of Bohemia View From EntryThat’s the extent of what we’ve got so far, and we know it isn’t much, but since this is the largest amount of info we’ve seen thus far we thought we’d pass it on. We’ve been looking into this for a couple weeks now, and it’s good to see something new and concrete.

If we were betting folks we’re thinking this might be a new project from Michael Carroll, previously known to some as “guy who made sodas with Half Acre,” but more interestingly, “guy who started the bread program at Alinea” and what could be closer to brewing than bread baking?

We’re just connecting the dots on this one (with further help from Twitter – thanks, Marianna!) but he’s appeared with the guys from Hop Cast here, and those sodas also got some coverage from 312 Dining Diva here. Discussion of his time creating the bread service at Alinea got some coverage here.

Any other information will be passed along posthaste, because any addition to the ever-growing Ravenswood beer scene is of definite interest.

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