Review: CREAM Alcoholic Whipped Cream, Chocolate Flavor (Yes, We Tried It)

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CREAM got our money. Dollar dollar bills, y’all. Says (and yes, that’s the name of the website):

Dare to stimulate your senses with the new and refreshing sensory explosion that is CREAM.  Choose from six passionate whipped cream flavors infused with a 30 proof (15% alcohol by volume) kick that propels cocktails and mixed drinks to a whole other level. A tempting blend of natural and artificial ingredients, CREAM inspires whipped cream flavors like raspberry, cherry, orange, caramel, chocolate, and of course vanilla with a smooth alcohol burst.

KARL: This isn’t a late April Fools Day post or anything. No, it’s true – I consumed chocolate-flavored CREAM. Alcoholic whipped cream. And I survived.

I could give you a few hundred words about this weird novelty product that has the consistency of  shaving cream mixed with sealing caulk, but I shall suffice to say this:

If you like cheap pudding made with Everclear, this shit is for you.

If it helps, we bought it from the same place that proudly states this:

Cheaper than Wal-Mart!

Someone has to try these things. Occasionally it’s us. The things we do for you people. (If we ever start a site called “Guys Drinking Bad Alcoholic Novelty Products”, this will be our first post.)


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