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Rhodell Brewery In Peoria Is Expanding, Adding New Equipment

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Rhodell Brewery, situated on Peoria’s riverfront, is adding new fermentation tanks – doubling the amount of beer the brewery can produce.

The Peoria Journal Star reports the brewery will be adding a total of four new stainless-steel fermentation tanks and seven carbonation tanks.

“We haven’t changed the business in 15 years, and all the statistics say it’s crying out for change and investment,” said co-owner Mark Johnstone, a Scotland native who will observe the brewery’s 15th anniversary on May 1. The festivities will include limited-edition T-shirts and retro brews.

The custom-made fermentation tanks will hold just under 100 gallons, a sizable increase from the current 50-gallon tanks. The equipment — a five-figure investment — will allow the brewery to produce beer in a more efficient manner but are still small enough for Johnstone to keep the variety he’s become known for.

Rhodell Brewery produced 400 barrels of beer last year.

The brewery is unique in that it is the only brewery in Illinois where individuals can brew their own beer.

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