Schlafly Co-Owner Visiting Chicago This Week to Scout Potential Sites for a Brewpub

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Guys Drinking Beer has learned Schlafly co-owner Dan Kopman is coming to Chicago this week to visit possible sites for a brewpub and to meet with local brewers. A brewery spokesman confirms Kopman will be here Tuesday and Wednesday.

schlaflyKopman is following through on something he told the St. Louis Post Dispatch last year during a live-chat — that he was looking into the possibility of opening a brewpub here.

“We are exploring the possbility [sic] of opening a small brewhouse, pub and store in Chciago [sic],” said Kopman. “We are not close to making this a reality but it is a way in which we believe we could introduce Schlafly Beer to Chicago. We will keep you posted.”

A brewery spokesman says Kopman has been checking out locations in Chicago over the last year and is not any closer to making the Chicago brewpub idea a reality. However, he adds, “I suppose if the right place was found, things could move quickly.”

A source tells Guys Drinking Beer Kopman will be visiting the North Center neighborhood this week, home-base to brewers Begyle, Spiteful, Half Acre and Metropolitan and the eventual brewpub Band of Bohemia. North Center also sits in the “Brewers Alderman’s,” 47th ward. We have reached out Ameya Pawar’s office to see what conversations, if any, he has had with Schlafly and are awaiting a response.

Pawar is no stranger to courting breweries and brewpubs to his ward. Last year he reached out to Three Floyds after the Munster, Indiana based brewery expressed an interest in opening a brewpub in Chicago at some point.

Schlafly’s beers are available in almost every market in Illinois, except Chicago and northern Illinois, as shown by the brewery’s distribution map.

photo courtesy Schlafly

photo courtesy Schlafly

Schlafly’s lineup of beers include year-round offerings like a Dry-Hopped American Pale Ale, special releases like a Tasmanian IPA (brewed with all Australian hops) and a Pumpkin Ale and a barrel-aged series that includes an Imperial Stout and Barleywine.

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