Get Your First Ever Taste of South Loop Brewing Tonight at Weather Mark Tavern

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We’ve been waiting with eager anticipation for well over a month to see what the brains behind South Loop Brewing and Lake Effect Brewing could concoct.

You see, South Loop Brewing Founder Jeremiah Zimmer shot us an email last month teasing us with the fact he was getting together with Clint Bautz and Lynn Ford from Lake Effect to brew a beer, but wouldn’t say any more.

Tonight that beer is unveiled at Weather Mark Tavern. And it’s not one, but two brews.

Here’s the skinny, from Zimmer, on Sailor’s Warning and Sailor’s Delight:

  • Sailor’s Warning is an 8.3% ABV Imperial Ruby Red Ale. It’s full-bodied and boozy (not unlike sailors) with a biscuity, creamy, almost cask-conditioned mouthfeel. A complex, earthy bitterness from Falconer’s 7C and Zythos hops should greet your tongue and stay with you to the cold, dark bottom. You’ve been warned.
  • Sailor’s Delight is a refreshing, 5.1% ABV sessionable red ale. Lighter in both color and body than “Sailor’s Warning,” this delight (pun intended) was cleanly hopped with Magnum and delicately spiked with vanilla beans in a way that makes calm waters and beautiful sunsets even more enjoyable. Go ahead, kick your feet up for this one.

Both will be tapped at 6 p.m at Weather Mark Tavern at 1503 S. Michigan Avenue in the South Loop.

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