Mundelein Based Tighthead Brewing Expanding Its Footprint

One of our favorite, under the radar brewers in the Chicago area is expanding its distribution area and is also planning to bottle and can its beers later this year.

Binny’s beer blog has the scoop.

“Tighthead Brewing of Mundelein is planning to quickly expand distribution of their beers south of Armitage Ave. This means that the beers of Tighthead will be available at several additional Binny’s locations. So far, only our Lake Zurich and Algonquin stores have been able to sell Tightheads [sic] beers because of their proximity to the brewery. Tighthead is Draft only, with several beers available in both the 1/6th and ½ barrel sizes.”

The brewery plans on adding the bottling and canning lines in mid-2013.

Tighthead was one of our favorite breweries pouring at Beer Under Glass last year, but their beers have been hard to come by since. However, I stumbled into their Chilly Waters Pale Ale over the weekend at Owen & Engine. Poured from a cask, it bursts with zesty citrus hop aroma and flavor. Karl, meanwhile, got his hands on their Scarlet Fire – an easy drinking red ale that pairs a rich maltiness with warm gentle hops – at The Grafton on Lincoln Ave.

Tighthead, we’re looking forward to drinking more of your beers in the near future.

‘Best Beer in the World’ Heading to Binny’s

If you’ve heard of Westvleteren 12, you might have heard of it referred to as “the best beer in the world.” When Andrew gave it a shot last August, he confirmed:

This beer was an incredibly balanced, unique, complex beer that I’m still trying to figure out…I walked away from this beer completely blown away by the balance and complexity in the flavors – it’s something that a lot of beers come close to, but don’t quite accomplish.

This beer was worth the wait and lived up to all the expectations. Now it’s your turn to find some.

On that last note, get in line now – it’s coming to Binny’s. Per the Binny’s Blog today, bottles of Westy 12 are heading to Illinois, specifically Bloomington, Downers Grove and Lincoln Park:

 So the rumors are true: Binny’s has been selected as one of the few accounts in the country to carry Westvleteren 12…

The abbey decided to release a limited amount of beer to fund restorations to their abbey, and as such asked certain parameters be met in dealing with this release. The first is that these packs not be broken up: They are packs of 6 11.2oz bottles with 2 special glasses. The second is that the price is consistent: $84.99 per pack. Third, we will be releasing this at 9:00am on 12/12/12. It will be a first come, first served with a limit of one set per customer, with absolutely no holds or orders.

The active phrase there is First Come First Served, so be prepared. You’ve got less than a week to prepare; get your lawn chairs, handwarmers and sleeping bags squared away.

Black Friday At Binny’s Lincoln Park & Goose Island Clybourn

Adam Vavrick, beer boss at the Binny’s on Marcey Street, has put together a beer event that borders on ridiculous.

He’s got a ton of Goose Island treasurers he’ll be pulling out of the store’s cellar starting at 9am tomorrow.

Showing up gets you a piece of paper with a number on it. I’ll be pulling numbers for special things from my cellar. Any time your number is pulled, you get the option to purchase whatever that particular item is. Then it goes back in the hat.

There is plenty of BCS 2012, so even if your number is never called, you’ll still be able to grab some.

Stuff from the cellar:

  • Bourbon County 2011 4pks
  • Bourbon County Mini Cellar 4pks (2 bottles 2012, 1 bottle 2011, 1 bottle 2010)
  • Bourbon County 2009 Bombers
  • Night Stalker 2010
  • Night Stalker 2011
  • Bourbon County Vanilla 2010
  • Bourbon County Coffee 2010
  • King Henry
  • Rare

When you’re done there, you might as well walk across the street to Goose Island’s Clybourn brewpub and belly up for any of the following;

  • Bourbon County Brand Stout ’12
  • Coffee Bourbon County Brand Stout ’11
  • Night Stalker ’12
  • Exclusive one-offs from Goose Island Brewpubs

Goose Clybourn is also doing a Bourbon County event, but that sold out quite a while ago.

Doors to the brewpub open at 10am.

Aloha, Kona Brewing Company

Binny’s quietly announced, at the end of last month, that Kona Brewing Company’s beers would soon be on store shelves in Chicago.

“Longboard Lager, Kona’s flagship brew and most oft requested, will join Big Wave Golden Ale, Fire Rock Pale Ale, and a rotating seasonal on our shelves. Depending on the time of the year, the seasonal may either be Koko Brown Nut Brown Ale, Wailua Wheat, or Pipeline Porter.”

Kona’s beers are due on Binny’s shelves in late January or early February of 2013.

Sparging The News: Galactic is Back, Fountainhead Gets Wet, Two Brothers Take Over

When it merits, we will bring you the relevant, generally-Chicago-centric information about what you’ll be imbibing around town. Here’s what’s running through our Mash Tun of Information:

Like we always say, Half Acre does have the most kickass labels.

Way before the nation went Canadian Breakfast Stout crazy, the city of Chicago went mildly mad for Galactic Daisy Cutter, a specialty Half Acre brew “jam packed with sticky Galaxy hops” that sold out the day of its release. Binnys of the South Loop has one of the last kegs of this brew that they slyly kept hidden for a rainy day. That rainy day is tomorrow night. Per Binny’s Blog: Continue reading