What the Firk: Cask Beer and Pinball Make a Good Pairing

This past Sunday, I was invited to serve as a judge at the first “What the Firk” festival held at Headquarters Chicago, a barcade that’s doing its best to force Depaul students to drink good beer even though they may not want to.

What the Firk 10
Casks were set up on bars and tables around the space — any spare shelving that wasn’t too close to a pinball game or an arcade console seemed to have a barrel (or two, or four) perched on it, with staffers ready to distribute 2-oz. pours as needed.

It was pretty excellent. Here’s what I found:

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Chicago Craft Beer Almanac 2013 – The Year in Beer

Holy hell, has it been a busy year in beer.

Beer Logo_FontChange

Not just for beer, but for us here at the GDB desk as well. The Saveur nom. The Chicago Magazine cover piece. Starting all that shit about “girl beer”. Oh, and one of us had a kid, too. That’s kind of important, right? (Little Julia already has some cellared beer, including a Westy, set aside for her 21st b-day. Dad of the year, right there.)

So without further ado, let’s see where the hell we’ve been in the last 12 months or so. Behold, our Chicago Craft Beer Almanac for 2013, the biggest year in Chicago beer news (since last year, which you can remind yourself of here)!

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