Wholesaler Shakeups: Windy City Adds Three Floyds, Off Color, Perennial and Others

It has been a busy fourth quarter for Windy City Distribution. The Reyes Beverage Group owned wholesaler has quietly been adding a number of high-profile brewers to its portfolio including Off Color Brewing, St. Louis artisan brewer Perennial and Three Floyds.threefloyds

Three Floyds’ move from Louis Glunz Beer Inc. to Windy City had been rumored on message boards since this summer but didn’t become official until late November and was kept relatively quiet until today. The Perennial and Off Color acquisitions were kept even quieter.

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GDB’s 2013 Chicago Craft Beer Awards

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, age-gated children born in 1991 and beyond, to the third (now annual, we suppose) edition of the Chicago Craft Beer Awards.

You will recall that all of this started in 2011 with this Chitown On Tap piece, and the baton was passed to us last year where we came up with this.

This year, we’ve added some categories, removed some others, had a little fun with a few, and basically just thought “who deserves to be given an attaboy this year” until we came up with this. Much like we said last year, allow us to present you these Chicago Craft Beer “Awards” as our way to continue the appreciation and acknowledgement of the craftsmen and women who have made 2013 the best year in Chicago beer ever.

As always, for what we get right, thank them, for what we get wrong, blame us – and tell us who you think deserves respect and appreciation in ways we may have forgotten. It’s been a busy, busy year — the busiest damn year in Chicago beer ever, we merit. And it’s been a lot of fun keeping up with it.
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Chicago Craft Beer Almanac 2013 – The Year in Beer

Holy hell, has it been a busy year in beer.

Beer Logo_FontChange

Not just for beer, but for us here at the GDB desk as well. The Saveur nom. The Chicago Magazine cover piece. Starting all that shit about “girl beer”. Oh, and one of us had a kid, too. That’s kind of important, right? (Little Julia already has some cellared beer, including a Westy, set aside for her 21st b-day. Dad of the year, right there.)

So without further ado, let’s see where the hell we’ve been in the last 12 months or so. Behold, our Chicago Craft Beer Almanac for 2013, the biggest year in Chicago beer news (since last year, which you can remind yourself of here)!

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