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KARL: Not much of an update today, but I wanted to get this out there regardless.  Yesterday  afternoon, Governor Scott Walker signed the Wisconsin budget into law, and that document did not include a veto of Motion 414, more commonly (at least in my head) called the Craft Beer Motion.  A list of 50 vetos was distributed to the press yesterday, where Walker struck down provisions involving bail bondsmen and chewing tobacco, but the motion rewriting legislation about wholesaling beer, distributing beer, and more stayed in the document.

You can find the language linked into this post, but the most glaring parts of the legislation include rolling together licenses which make it impossible for a brewer to own a distributor, language that dictates a 25-account minimum to receive a wholesaler’s license and even defining what kind of free samples can be distributed, and how many per patron.  There’s a very helpful summary here at Madison Beer Review.

When we talked with Deb Carey last week, she mentioned that based on this legislation, some small brewers might be forced to close.  We’re looking forward to speaking with other small brewers around the state to get their take on what the state is forcing their businesses to operate under.  As I mentioned in my solidarity Beer of the Week post on Chicagoist, remember this:

Illinois is Open for Business too.

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