A GDB Guide to Midwest Brewed, Wet Hopped Beers

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D ripping with sticky, resiny goodness wet hopped beers are a hopheads finish line after training their palates on session IPA’s and pilsners over the summer. Brewed with fresh picked hops, some from farms up the road and others from halfway across the country, these beers ooze hoppiness.

wet hopped At the behest of a regular commenter on our Facebook page, we’ve compiled a guide to finding wet hopped beers brewed in our home base of Illinois and neighboring Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.

We’ve spent the last few weeks digging through brewery websites and social media and sending emails and filling out contact forms to compile these lists. And we’ve found hundreds of pounds of fresh picked hops going into nearly 100 wet hopped beers: IPA’s, APA’s, Saisons, Red Ale’s and Amber Ale’s. Some of these are widely distributed while others are brewed at borderline nano-levels and only available on-site. Regardless of the footprint of these breweries and brewpubs, you can bank on these beers dripping wet with hops.

Click around and see what’s brewing in the following states:

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