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5 Rabbit Legal Woes Continue But At Least The New Beers Sound Good

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Since the end of last week was consumed with a decent amount of news about the ongoing legal drama at 5 Rabbit, we wanted to give a little signal boost to a part of the story that we feel like collectively we could pay a little more attention to.

Both Crain’s and Josh Noel at the Tribune had updates on Friday regarding the lawsuits and ownership changes going on at the brewery, but at least the Trib gave us some new news about some good-sounding beer.

Namely, this:

This summer, 5 Rabbit plans to release a series of beers it is calling Paletas, named for the frozen pops often sold as street food in Hispanic neighborhoods. Paletas will be a series of draft-only low-alcohol wheat beers that will each feature a different fruit and spice component.

“It will be a matter of how many we can get through between May and September,” Mosher said. “You never know if it will be cucumber-mint or black walnut-raspberry or watermelon with Tasmanian pepper berry.”

As a former Albany Park resident who sees the paleta guys wandering around from time to time, it’d be awesome if we could get some of these beers from those guys on a hot day. As that’s terribly illegal, it’ll never happen, but we like the idea. We’ll have to track it down on draft instead.

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