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Hey look it’s [checks calendar] 2021, time to update our website

GuysDrinkingBeer circa 2011

Every two years or so we go through and give GuysDrinkingBeer a tidying up. A fresh coat of paint if you will.

Sometimes that consists of layout changes, like what you see today. Other times its updates on the backend, like our move to new hosting several years ago.

In the early years of GDB – which celebrated its 11-year anniversary this spring – our updates were a bit haphazard. We barely knew enough to be dangerous, and it showed. We are still finding evidence of that to this day: broken images, outdated shortcode and all sorts of other fun stuff.

Thankfully, you don’t read our site because we’re great coders.

Beginning today you’ll see a redesigned homepage that provides a healthy snapshot of our most recent content, quick and easy access to sign up for our newsletter, interact with our Chicago Craft Beer Map and view beer reviews past and present.

We’ll continue tidying up those posts from 2010 and beyond, and will probably make some tweaks to other pages along the way seeing as how we now know just enough to be dangerous.

Feel free to hit us up on social media to tell us what you think.

As a parting gift, here’s a look at how GDB has matured (we hope) over the years:

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Equal parts beer nerd and policy geek, Ryan is now the curator of the Guys Drinking Beer cellar. The skills he once used to dig through the annals of state government as a political reporter are now put to use offering unique takes on barrel-aged stouts, years-old barleywines and 10 + year verticals.

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