Barn & Company: Build a Bucket. NO DOGFISH.

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KARL: I was out at Barn & Company recently, looking for some quality barbecue and some good beers. (It should be noted that they’re just steps from Lincoln Avenue, the Best Drinking Street in Chicago as named by us.) I found a place that serves some spectacular baby back ribs and has some respectable taps but is definitely focused on the masses of DePaul students that are their closest nearby beer-drinking consumers.

At the bottom of the menu, I found this tiny little amusing heads-up. For what it’s worth, I  took this photo just days before the Calagiowning that took place on BeerAdvocate, so don’t let this imply that there’s any sort of anti-DFH bias here in Chicago. Rather, that unit cost on 60 Minute has gotta be pretty darn high to merit this little disclaimer.

Either way, I found it funny. Cheers to the individual that ordered up the five bottles of Dogfish that made their accountant cry uncle.

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