Beer and Alcohol Laws in Illinois & the 2018 Gubernatorial Candidates

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What do the people running for governor think about current beer legislation in Illinois?

Even though the Craft Brewers License rewrite has come and gone and the Happy Hour revival is old news, there’s always something going on in Springfield as it relates to alcohol legislation. In 2018, Illinois will elect a new governor and of the people currently running, we wanted to know where they stood on a few things.

We reached out to every major campaign with a few questions about the state’s current laws, taxes and restrictions. We’ve posted their responses verbatim as received from the campaign, and we’ll continue to update as we receive more responses.

Topics we asked about include alcohol taxation in relation to other Midwestern states, the Craft Brewers License rewrite, whether bars and restaurants should be allowed to pour growlers, and more. Of course, we also checked to see what their favorite Illinois (and non-Illinois!) brewed beer is.

If you’d like to review some of our previous beer & politics coverage, we invite you to check out our writings throughout our Save the Craft campaign, as well as things like Lagunitas campaign donations, homebrew legislation updates,  conversations with the then-president of the ABDI and the then-president of the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild, and much more.

Know your beer.

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