Beer Politics: “3 Floyds Amendment” Signed In To Law

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3 Floyds Amendment

In a scurried attempt to play catchup on an intriguing piece of legislation in Michigan last week, we totally missed the fact that Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels signed HB 1054 in to law — the 3 Floyds Amendment.

That bill includes legislation that allows small brewers in Indiana to brew more beer and still be considered a “small brewer.” The cap remains at 30,000 barrels per year but beer that is brewed for consumption and distribution outside of Indiana is no longer included in that figure.

The new law means some of Indiana’s not-so-small, small brewers like 3 Floyds, Sun King and Upland will continue to receive tax breaks, self-distribution rights and on-site sale privileges. We hope this also encourages brewers smaller than those three to grow knowing the state has their back.

Gumballhead’s all around!

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