Beer Temple Taproom Executive Summary

Beer Temple Taproom Executive Summary (For The Lazy)

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It’s not just spirits that can be distilled — it’s also blog posts.

Beer Temple Taproom Executive Summary


If you’re reading this, you must not have time to read the 2,000 words or so we wrote here about the forthcoming Beer Temple Taproom. That’s a bummer. Maybe someday you’ll be able to go back and read the full thing.

Anyways, here’s the relevant stuff that is explained much more fully in the other post.  Seriously, set aside like 10 minutes at lunch and read the thing. Do it for us.

The Beer Temple Taproom: 

  • Will have 20 draft lines and a cask option.
  • Will be one of the few beer bars in the nation with a dual temperature cooler to serve beer at the appropriate temperature for the style.
  • Will also serve a limited number of wines and spirits too.
  • Will serve craft soda and Dark Matter coffee.
  • Will be a “slashie.”
  • Will be a couple doors down from where the current Beer Temple is.
  • Will also sorta turn the bottle shop into a beer cave.
  • Will be an educational resource with beer classes and events.
  • Will not have food, but will work with restaurants in the area for dining options.
  • Will be in the same building, but a couple doors down from the existing shop — same parking lot, too.
  • Is shooting for a mid-June opening date.


  • Guests will be able to buy beers in the taproom and also grab beers from the shop on the same interchangeable tab.
  • The focus of the draft program will be more…geographic and not so focused on whales.
  • The bar is being built by Nick Segura, formerly of Heineman Bar Co. and now operating under his own flag, Proletariat Wood Shop.
  • Will be rad. (I mean, will most likely be rad.)

So, there you go. That’s the basics of it. Congrats, you just crammed 2+ years of a person’s life and effort into about 300 words. But you saved a few minutes, so good for you.

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