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Bell’s Black Note combines three of the greatest things on the face of the earth; (1) Bell’s Special Double Cream Stout, (2) Bell’s Expedition Stout & (3) bourbon barrels.

Expedition is, hands down, one my favorite Russian Imperial Stouts — especially after some time in the cellar.  And the Special Double Cream Stout is a great go-to beer in the winter months. Bell’s Black Note is a magical blend of the two, and is then aged in bourbon barrels.

I had this beer on tap at Sheffield’s in Chicago.  And was very fortunate that there was any leftover from the Craft Brewers Conference a few weeks prior.

Black Note arrived, black as night, with a tiny bit of khaki tan head.

An uncomfortably long sniff (for those around me) uncovered an intoxicating nose of bourbon, vanilla, coconut & sun tan lotion.  Apparently the look on my face said it all, “this is the most excited I have ever seen you look about a beer,” my fiance said from across the table.

The taste was an overwhelmingly smooth mix of bourbon, chocolate, oak, and vanilla.

I nursed this beer.  Oh boy, did I nurse it.

As the beer warmed the vanilla and chocolate flavors became more pronounced.  A bit of coffee even joined the party too.

There was nothing clunky about this beer.  It wasn’t too hot or boozy.  No flavor dominated more than another.  This was simply a spectacular beer.

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