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Perhaps the past few days haven’t satiated your need for more craft beer. (How this could be possible, we have no idea.) Maybe you’re looking for a new way to put a spin on your beer drinking decisions around Ravenswood. Or maybe you just like bingo.

Either way, if you’re looking for a fun way to support the Lincoln Square beer scene a little further even after Chicago Craft Beer Week ends, artist Sarah Morton and writer Meryl Williams (who we first encountered for this Center Square Journal piece about the neighborhood beer scene) have your answer in the form of Beer Bingo.

Even better, it’s free — and there are prizes. In her post, Williams writes:

From May 15 (which just so happens to be the day before the start of Chicago Craft Beer Week) until September 21, you can visit one of the participating locations to pick up your own beer bingo card. You’ll have until the end of the summer to score a bingo: Be one of the first 30 people to complete the locally-focused beer-related activities/purchases described on five squares in a row (diagonal, vertical, horizontal) and win a prize — a custom pint glass with original artwork by Sarah Morton.


See the 60625 post for where to pick up your card, as there are a few other caveats — Begyle is only available in bombers for the moment and not sixpacks as the card says, for example — as well as info about more prizes when you “black out” the card. (Get it?)

Should this continue past Fall, here’s a few more that we could tack onto a new card:

  • Drink a 4Paws Beer while petting a dog (yours, someone else’s, even 4Paws’ mascot Sadie — doesn’t matter)
  • Make up a new mildly offensive Spiteful Brewing beer name in a style they haven’t brewed yet
  • Toast bandleader and “Austrian Elvis” Gody Windischofer at the Brauhaus with some form of German beer in a stein as large as you can handle
  • Order a cocktail from Laurien at the Huettenbar some weekend because she’s probably really quite tired of pouring pints of BBK (and she’s a secret Square treasure when it comes to making mixed drinks)
  • Purchase enough beer from the guy who runs Leland Liquors to get on his good side (this may take all fall and winter)
  • Drink a pitcher of Hite at one of the Korean bars north of Lawrence
  • Light a candle and pour out an Old Style in front of Margie’s, the best lost dive on Lincoln
  • Drink at the Sunnyside Tap for 3 hours without seeing a single human being other than the bartender (this is easier than it sounds)


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