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We’re switching comment systems to Disqus in hopes of fostering a tighter craft beer community on Guys Drinking Beer. It should be pretty painless.

disqus-logo-blue-whiteThere are a handful of cosmetic changes that will happen to Guys Drinking Beer in 2015. One of them is switching to a new comment system. Beginning today we’ve ditched the out-of-the-box comment interface from WordPress, with an assist from Jetpack, to Disqus.

The biggest draw to using Disqus is that it creates more of a community feel, something we’ve been striving for in our social media space and want to carryover to the site itself.

When we first started the site in 2010 we got excited about someone commenting on a post but never took the time to interact. That is changing. So whether you’re a brewery defending your campaign contributions or a couple of guys who got really upset that I prefer Bell’s Two Hearted over Widmer Brothers Upheaval we’re eager for you to join in on the discussion.

You can login and comment using your Disqus account, if you have one, or Facebook or Twitter. And we’ve enabled guest commenting for those of you (Mr. Lincoln) who would like to continue commenting under the same handle and retain some anonymity.

If you have some strong opinions about this change, be it good or bad, then chime in below. We take your feedback seriously.

Good talk.

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