Southern IL Soda Maker Tries Its Hand At Beer

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A soda maker best known for the citrus flavored soda Ski and nine other kinds of pop sold in real glass bottles, is making a run at the beer business as Excel Brewery.

Excel Brewery

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According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch’s “Hip Hops” blog, Excel Bottling Company began its brewing operation – Excel Brewery – on September 26th.

[T]his month [Excel Brewery] released its first batch of Shoal Creek Wheat,a German-style hefeweizen named after the brewery’s water source.

This week it released its second beer, Excel Golden Brew, a light blonde ale.

Up next for Excel will be Shoal Creek Winter Ale, brewed with anise, nutmeg and vanilla, and, in the spring, Excel Citra, a beer with lemon and orange notes like its cousin, Ski soda.

Excel is based in Breese, Illinois which is about 40 miles east of St. Louis.

You can find Excel Brewery’s beers in St. Clair and Clinton counties in Illinois now and on the Missouri side of the Mississippi River next month.

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