Former Goose Island Brewer Facing Multiple Rape Allegations

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The Chicago crime website CWBChicago recently reported on a bond hearing for Christian Valcich, 29, who allegedly raped a woman he met on a Tinder date in May “while he was on bail for allegedly committing an identical crime against another woman last year.”

Former Goose Island Brewer Christian Valcich
Mugshot via CPD / CWBChicago.

The CWBChicago site has additional details about both criminal allegations, but we were tipped off due to a mention at the end of the story: “Valcich works as a brewer, according to his attorney, who disputed the state’s allegations”.

After some research, we’ve confirmed that Valcich was at one point employed by Goose Island, but is no longer working there.

After reaching out to Goose Island for confirmation and any additional details from the company, they sent us a brief statement from Goose Island President Todd Ahsmann, which we are providing in full:

On July 15, we were made aware of the allegations involving former Goose Island employee Christian Valcich. These are severe allegations and we will fully cooperate with local authorities if requested. We cannot speculate or comment on details other than to confirm Christian Valcich is no longer a Goose Island employee. 

Goose Island President Todd Ahsmann:

Per Valcich’s LinkedIn, he claims to have been employed there since January 2018, meaning he was employed at the time of his initial arrest in February 2019.

We followed up to request confirmation of his tenure with the company, to inquire if the above statement includes any earlier knowledge of the initial allegations, and if the company took any actions at that time.

If we receive any additional information, we will add it to this post as soon as it’s received.

If anyone else in the brewing community knows of any other similar situations with this individual or anyone else, please consider alerting the authorities, and always feel free to safely email us.

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