ANNOUNCING: GuysDrinkingBeer Receives its Third SAVEUR ‘Best Blog’ Nomination

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For the third year in a row GDB has been nominated for a SAVEUR best blog award, singling it out as one of the nation’s best beer websites.

Saveur Blog Awards LogoThe nominations for SAVEUR Magazine’s best food and drink blogs of 2015 are out, and for the third consecutive year, we’re honored to announce that GDB has been included once again.

This is the first year SAVEUR has broken the drinks out into separate beer and wine categories, and we believe we are the only site to ever receive a nomination three years running. We thank you for your continued attention and appreciation, and we strive to continue to be worthy of your eyeballs for a few minutes each day.

There is, of course, a crowd participation aspect to this whole thing. Should you find yourself moved to cast a vote in our favor, you may do so right here.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled beer information and opinion, already in progress.

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