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Hey there. It’s time we come clean on something. We’ve been using our Facebook page to talk at you and not with you — and we’re sorry for that.

Don’t get me wrong, we definitely appreciate the likes and shares of the content we’ve posted over the years but we realize our page can be used for much more than that. So from this point forward — actually from about three weeks ago, forward — we vow to make our page more of a community; a place to talk about beer, craft or otherwise, in Chicago and beyond.

3floydsfacebookIf you follow us on Twitter than you know we can be decent conversationalists. Now I’d like to bring our Facebook community on par with our Twitter community. That doesn’t mean simply linking the two accounts, no siree. In fact, if you currently like us on Facebook then you know we’ve been posting much more than just our content lately. That will continue and will expand. If you don’t currently like us on Facebook then come on over — like us — and join in on the discussion. Feel free to comment on the things we post and if we’re not talking about something you want to talk about — then post to our timeline to get the ball rolling.

We also have an Instagram account, quite possibly one of the last people on earth to get one. We pride ourselves on not being the best photographers, relying on our words to tell the story. Thankfully Instagram has filters to gussy up our pictures. We have bigger plans for that account too, but for now you can drink along with us  as we photograph our way through cellared beers and on jaunts to watering holes in Chicago and elsewhere.

So go check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you like what you see then Like or Follow us and join in on the discussion.

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Equal parts beer nerd and policy geek, Ryan is now the curator of the Guys Drinking Beer cellar. The skills he once used to dig through the annals of state government as a political reporter are now put to use offering unique takes on barrel-aged stouts, years-old barleywines and 10 + year verticals.

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