Good News, Cider Fans: Vander Mill Coming To Cans This May (UPDATED)

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Yay! Here come Vander Mill cans.

It’s no secret we love the ciders created by Vander Mill in all their forms, especially the magically delicious Totally Roasted. So we’re pretty excited to see this posted to their Facebook page last night:

Vander Mill Cans

And they look good, too.

Yep, those are cans of the Hard Apple, Blue Gold and (woohoo!) Totally Roasted, to be released around Michigan and Chicagoland in May.

Every tailgate, backyard grilling session or just stoop drinking decision just got a little bit easier. These are going to be must-haves for every cooler in Chicago.

UPDATE: We now have price points and serving sizes, courtesy Twitter.


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