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Half Acre says:

“A drinker. This Golden Ale is a quality travel companion that aims to please with subtlety and aroma pop.”

Half Acre Gossamer Golden Ale
American Blonde Ale, 4.2% ABV

Andrew: I could stop there, and I think you would all understand what I mean.

This is the first beer that Half Acre has canned (TALL BOYS!) making it easy to transport to your favorite park or beach. Plus cans are a lot easier to recycle, or dispose of if you hate the environment.

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We drank this beer straight from the can, just like we would if we were outside grilling and smoking cigars. A very refreshing beer with notes of lemon and citrus, something I could drink all day.

Ryan: This is such a great summer session beer.  Very light and refreshing. And, it comes in CANS!

Both the nose and taste of this beer is citrus-y.  Lots of lemons and limes.

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Actually, I wrote down just one word to describe the taste; Squirt.  As in the soda, Squirt.

This is definitely one to stockpile to have after mowing the lawn, while grilling or at the beach.  Kudos to Half Acre for putting out a quality, sessionable golden ale.

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