Happy Birthday to Us! Now We are Four

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Remember when we looked like this?

April 1st, 2010. A date that will live in infamy. The day we clicked “Publish” for the first time.

Yes, happy birthday to us. As always, we take time each year to wonder why the heck we decided to start this site on April Fools Day, knowing full well the web goes all goofy on this date like clockwork.

We received our present early, in the form of our second consecutive nomination as one of the nation’s Best Beer/Wine Blogs as mentioned by the fine folks of Saveur magazine here.

Just for fun, we thought we’d take tally of the most popular pages of the last four years. It’s a pretty good cross section of what we do, as it turns out.

3) Stella Cidre: We review a lot of beers, but can’t quite explain the attention to this one. (Same goes for Shiner Cheer every holiday season.) We either have the SEO gods smiling on us, or no one else on the internet was silly enough to review this one leaving us all the clickthroughs. Either way, we’ll take it.

2) A Chicagoan’s Guide to Drinking in Cleveland: We need to update this one a little bit — we were just there a couple weeks ago and found some awesome tiki drinking as well as other fine beer-imbibing establishments. Thanks are due to the Great Lakes team for sharing this across Ohio and beyond.

1) Some Thoughts about Beer, Gender, etc.: Kind of ironic that a quick discussion about what females “should” and “should not” drink gets us more eyeballs than anything else we’ve done over the last few years, and we’re named Guys Drinking Beer. (As always “guys” is used euphamistically and with no particular gender preference.)

We’ll have a big announcement tomorrow about what the next big project for us will be, but for now, we just wanted to say thanks for hanging out with us on the internets and having a few digital beers while along for the ride.

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