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Now that April Fools’ Day is over, we thought it would be safe to make this particular announcement. (Remind me why we picked April first as a good day to launch this site again?)

It’s tough to keep track of everything going on in the world of craft beer around Chicago. Harder still to keep track of things going on around the Midwest. And we don’t expect you to keep track of every single Facebook post, Tweet or Instagram we put into the world. (Hell, even between the three of us we can barely keep up with all of this.)

That’s why we thought it’d be handy to create the Weekly GDB, a once-a-week email update bringing you the news of what’s happened in the week of beer news, as well as what to keep an eye out for in the days to come.

weeklygdbtestIf you’ve opted in to follow our blog posts or comments in the past, we’ll start sending you an email shortly. If you want to sign up, simply add your email and name to our Subscribe page or fill out the short form below. Oh, and we sure would appreciate it if you tell a friend once you join the fun.

A few questions you might have:

  • What day will it be sent? Probably Monday, but that may change.
  • Will there be more than one email a week? Probably not, but if there’s something super-huge that breaks or we get some exclusive news (like if Revolution sells themselves to MillerCoors or if Schlafly opens a brewpub in the Willis Tower, for example), we might opt to send you something about that if we deem it worth interrupting your day.
  • Will there be advertising involved? We wouldn’t turn down sponsors, if that’s what you’re asking.
  • Will it be awesome? Of course it will!

If you have any other questions, you’re always welcome to ask us. Otherwise, we hope you join us. Maybe consider it a late birthday present.


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