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Stone Enjoy By IPA


ESCONDIDO, CA (April 5, 2013) – Beginning April 12, a devastatingly fresh Stone Brewing Co. beer will make its way to Illinois. Next [This] week, Stone Enjoy By 05.17.13 IPA will be bottled, kegged and loaded on a truck destined for The Prairie State. Brewed with 13 different hop varieties, this beer is designed to be enjoyed on or before the date printed on each bottle in order to fully experience the beer’s hop-forward flavor and aroma.

Stone Brewmaster Mitch Steele implemented several hop infusion techniques while brewing Stone Enjoy By 05.17.13 IPA, including “hop bursting,” which adds copious amounts of hops to the end of the boil process to maximize the intense flavors and aromas of hops in the brew. Traces of resin, peaches and tropical fruit are evident in the aroma while the taste brings on an onslaught of hop bitterness.

Stone fans looking to experience this limited release beer should visit and use the interactive map to find exactly which retailers, restaurants and bars are carrying the beer in bottles or on draft. In the unlikely event that any beer remains on the shelf on May 18, it will be immediately removed.

Stone is measuring interest for the beer through the company’s social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the Stone Enjoy By IPA website. Beer enthusiasts may express their desire to have Stone Enjoy By IPA back in their city or state by using any or all of the aforementioned social media sites. Hopheads are encouraged to comment, tweet, post and share with fellow craft beer fans using the hashtags #EnjoyBy #IL. All engagements may be viewed in real time at the Stone Enjoy By IPA website,

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