Live-Blogging The Legislature (April 19th)

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Today is the deadline to pass bills out of the Illinois House. State Representative Frank Mautino (D-Spring Valley) pledged HB 2606 would be called for a vote by the 19th, so today is the day.

For those of you just joining us, the legislation would prohibit a brewer from owning a distributor in Illinois. This bill, even though it hasn’t been voted on by either chamber, has already caused Anheuser-Busch to agree to sell its ownership interest in wholesaler City Beverage by 2015 – as laid out in the proposed legislation.

The concession comes five months after the Illinois liquor Control Commission voted to allow AB to retain its 30-percent ownership interest in City Beverage, ending a years long dispute over whether the Illinois Liquor Control Act permits a brewer to own a distributor.ilcapitol

12:51 pm

HB 2606 passes 103-0-0.

12:51 pm


12:50 pm

State Rep David Leitch: “the last time we passed this bill (SB754), it went out of here unanimously, I recommend we send it out of here unanimously again.”

12:49 pm

Harris also asks about small brewer self-distribution rights. Mautino says HB 2606 has NO impact on self-distribution.

12:48 pm

State Rep David Harris quizzing Mautino on past legislative intent and why a brewer shouldn’t own a distributor.

12:47 pm

Mautino retracing steps of the previously passed Craft Brewer Act and how IL Liquor Control Commission ignored the intended public policy prohibiting a brewer from owning a distributor.

12:46 pm

State Rep Frank Mautino (D-Spring Valley) presenting, “out of state brewers are prohibited from holding a distributors license.”

12:45 pm

And HB 2606 is up…


12:45 pm

Speaker says there are still 40 bills to be voted on before the House closes up shop for the day. HB 2606 is one of those 40.

11:40 am

Up to 73 sponsors/co-sponsors. Now all we need is for the bill to be called for a vote…

10:54 am

HB 2606 now has a veto-proof majority of sponsors and co-sponsors, 71 and – apparently – still counting.

10:29 am

Homebrew legislation bill sponsor, State Rep Keith Farnham’s (D-Elgin) support, makes it an even 70.

9:59 am

69 lawmakers now signed on in support of HB 2606…

9:22 am

It takes 60 yes votes to pass a bill out of the House. 71 votes = a veto-proof majority.

9:20 am

Support continues to build for the bill. There are now 68 lawmakers signed on as sponsors/co-sponsors of HB 2606.

9:20 am

The House gaveled in at 8:30 and has been burning through bills, so we are going to crank this up in anticipation of HB 2606 being called for a vote soon.


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